Oh my GOD

If this were a satire (which, in my great misery, it isn’t) it would be hilarious. When the FUCK is this going to stop? Oh wait, I hear the reply in a 702-voice “When the crime stops”.image001.jpg.

Which is the most hilarious sentence in the above poster? If you get it right, I’ll donate a torch to you which you can tape to the roof of your car so that there’ll be one more LIGHT to shine out the scourge of violence in the beloved country.

3 thoughts on “Oh my GOD

  1. Of course the funniest line is: “We are under no illusion that this will stop crime”, because they are obviously delusional.

    You owe me a flashlight. If you actually give me one, I shall duct-tape it to the roof of my car.

  2. Hey, Came across your web site as I have a Google alert on crime in South Africa – go figure!

    This is a very interesting little flyer…I do wonder how many people actually particpated or if anyone actually noticed….lights on can indicate a funeral procession…and I had heard that motorists are being encouraged to turn on their lights to become more visible.

    We, The People, For The People….wonder if they know my People?

    Thanks for the nice read!


  3. i’m going to go with “we, the people, for the people, have had enough” …umm..okay go ahead and shine your little light of defiance in the face of oncoming traffic.. hopefully you blind some actual criminals making their way to work in rush hour traffic(??) .. idiots.

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