Robert Mugabe is a monstrous bastard

Enough pulling punches. Enough saying things nicely. Call this guy what he is. A monstrous bastard, another in a long line of African dictators who will go down in history along with the likes of Idi Amin for having driven a country into ruin, a people into poverty and destitution. And all for what?

We allow this, all of us on this continent and on this planet. There is no other way people like this can maintain power unless they are allowed to go on, unchecked and unhindered. I despise the whinging, whining DA, but I have to agree with them today. Our government should be embarassed in their response. All of us should be — for being culpable in the continued power this rampaging mutherfucker is allowed over innocent people.

3 thoughts on “Robert Mugabe is a monstrous bastard

  1. Well if Mugabe is a bustard as you say, what is Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the rest of the international so called commitee who sanctioned Zimbabwens for demanding their rights from white Assholes who now claim to own the land that they stole from Zim people.

  2. I lived in Zimbabwe for 16 of my 22 years. Mugabe has been president longger than I’ve been alive. I grew up watching a thriving, happy country slowly degenerate into a place where today people basically have to choose between speaking out against Mugabe (often resulting in being grabbed off the street and tortured by Mugabe’s very own Gestapo), or simply slowly starving.

    I wonder: what more needs to happen before the international community does more than ineffective sanctions? Do we need to find oil there? What about some Operation Zimbabwe Freedom?

    Mugabe and his cabinet are monsters on par with Hitler and Vlad the Impaler.

    If evil happens when good men do nothing, then the international community has a lot blood on its hands.

    Ironically, Africa seems to breed dictatorial madmen.

  3. If SA did get involved, how long would we need to be involved in order to turn the boat to face in the right direction.

    Recovering from poverty and hyper-inflation is no small feat!

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