I don’t matter to Woolworths

I regret not having a camera-phone now, because I’d love to post a whole bunch of photos of Woolworth’s empty shelves all over the Internet.

It’s now been almost a week, and apart from one pathetically inadequate reply to my original open letter, they have been deathly silent. What are they doing? Out picking fresh cabbages to help restock their shelves? Murdering innocent organic chickens so that their bloodied carcases can fill the gaping holes in their stores?

Probably not.

More likely they’re doing sweet fuck all, the result of which is sweet fuck all, unsurprisingly. According to news reports, we’re about to have a milk shortage in South Africa. Well, at least Woolies have staff that have excellent training in rushing around putting up “out of stock” signs and apologising to customers. Frankly, who will even notice that this one product is now in short supply.