The Bacon Barrier

A friend of mine has recently found out that her ex boyfriend has “turned gay”. Or “come out”. Or whatever the popular euphemism is now.


And that got me thinking about The Bacon Barrier.


So jews aren’t allowed to eat bacon right, it gets drilled into your head so deep growing up that you feel physically ill when you consider it. But with patience and motivation and the right level of annoyance about the mindlessness of religion, one can break through the Bacon Barrier and get to all the delicious sunday breakfasts waiting.


Now, I’m not necessarily saying turning gay is the right or wrong thing to do, or that sleeping with MOSS is comparable to yummy breakfast (I have no idea, never done it). But I do think we’re dealing with something that is largely not genetic and more a Bacon Barrier.

One thought on “The Bacon Barrier

  1. Well I am gay, and like this friend of yours’ ex, didn’t have mental barriers to being with our respective ladies, tho we obviously had barriers to the male "bacon". However, since we did not have "bacon issues" with females means that the converse of the bacon relationship doesn’t apply – I’ve tried that particular cut with an open mind and have since decided to keep kosher..

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