Cellular Internet Link

I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now the ideal way to connect my house to the Internet. A simple matter, one would think. But one that has caused some amount of problems.


Firstly, iBurst does not cover my area. Nothing to negotiate about there. Nor does Neotel.


So my only other option was ADSL from Telkom. Fine, except three technicians and 6 months later, they still have to “plant a pole” outside the house. So basically those bunch of brain-damaged fools are not going to be my path online.


Which leaves me with cellular. Lots of bewildering options here, but I finally went to the Vodacom store the other day and managed to grasp the finer details of their various modem/data bundles. Bottom line is: either take out a R250 24 month contract, or buy a R2800 modem and pay R180 a month pay-as-you-go for data bundle.


Some people at work got quite vocal about how this was a ripoff, which prompted me to look online and lo-and-behold found Premium Phones (www.premiumphones.co.za) where I can buy the same exact HSDPA modem for R1400, and have it delivered to me. And a helpful call centre with knowledgable people who actually know what “HSDPA” “3.2Mbps” and “Network Locked” means.


If it now arrives in the next few days, I will be shouting these guys names all over the place.