Ok, today is freezing in Johannesburg.

Also I’m less jealous about not being part of the iPhone madness after
all the chaos with the launch over the past couple of days. Apple’s
great genius is to make people feel like they’re doing something edgy,
different and cool by buying exactly the same product as everyone
else. Not since The Beatles has being mainstream felt this radical.
And having seen the iPhone, I have to admit that it is one of the most
fuck-off cool things ever made. It is most likely going to change the
face of mobile completely, and move us finally into an era where
mobile devices are as easy to use for Web and Internet apps as a PC.
They did that for the MP3 player, and they’re doing it again.

My only resentment toward them is their almost religious fervour for
DRM and the arrogance with which they are delivering these products
into the marketplace. Apple is an arrogant brand. And arrogant brands
are fine as long as they succeed, but when they fail, geez do people
turn on them.