Thought Leader Weary

You know, I’m getting kind of sick of being told I shouldn’t be a “thought leader” because I can’t think, can’t be a leader, am naive, am stupid, if I can be a ‘thought leader’ anyone can, am too trusting of politicians, unfair, unreasonable and only trying to shock everyone...

Thought Leader is a forum designed to elicit commentary from interesting and provocative people in order to present points of view unlikely to be found in the normal media. That was my brief, and that is what I do. The quality of the comments posted in response to my articles is sometimes excellent, but oftentimes tedious, and riddled with ad hominems. My overwhelming conclusion is that people are too quick to bash out their knee-jerk reaction to what I’m saying, instead of taking the time to actually read and digest it.

I’m not being arrogant here. Maybe what I say is wrong or unreasonable. But just stating that adds nothing to the discussion. Nor does trumpeting out a bunch of stereotypical chiches which are available by the dozen for 50c on any radio station, bus stop or dinner party.