Cambrient Contentsuite v4 Goes Into Production

v4 of our content management system — Cambrient Contentsuite — has just been released onto the first few of our production sites. It boasts massively improved performance, as well as a gazilion other new features, bugfixes and what have you.


Our development lifecycle essentially sees us do a major version release a year, and then many sub-releases of that version. Our previous version 3.4 ran to release 95 I think, during which time we let the product evolve quite significantly, so that the way it looks at release 1 will be very different to the final release in that version. We find this gives us the most amount of flexibility, and also supports the way we work which is that features are often dictated by client projects rather than our own invented roadmap.


See it on a site near you soon (like Moneyweb, DSTV or some such thing).