A Rest in the Bush

Spent this weekend away at Thakadu Lodge in Madikwe reserve. It’s my first time at Madikwe and was overall a great experience. We had lovely warm weather, and though the animals were a bit scarce, the lodge is great and overall was really relaxing.


Thakadu is a “community” lodge which means that the intention is for it to be wholly owned and operated by the local village nearby. This process is well underway, so it kind of felt good to spend the big game-lodge bucks on something that genuinely is uplifting the locals instead of some bastard at CC Africa.


My inherent anti-sociality and distaste for the human race is always a bit of a problem on these trips where one invariably ends up having to share game drive vehicles with the despicable lumps of flesh and bone known as other people. It obviously just doesn’t bother others as much to have noisy, annoying folk shouting their way up and down to their rooms. And that’s to say nothing of young teenagers who must, surely, be the most laughable and foolish subset of our species.


Rants aside, Cherryl and I managed to have a wonderful time, and the lodge is highly recommended.