Woolies — More than A Year On

Over a year ago I wrote a very mean article about Woolworths and their endless “Temporarily Out of Stock” gaping shelf spaces in their stores. The article seems to surface via email every now and again, which is an indication that they haven’t sorted out their stock supply problems.

Today I experienced that again, firsthand:
– No tuna fish
– No sweet potatoes

Sorry, we’re having a problem with our supplier is the standard response. When will your supplier problem be fixed? No idea.

Now look: Tuna fish is perhaps understandable. Maybe we’ve overfished the oceans. Maybe fish is a food we’ll be telling our grandchildren about with patient sentimentality. But a fucking SWEET POTATO?

Whoever thought shopping could be an opportunity for such outrage.


2 thoughts on “Woolies — More than A Year On

  1. Perhaps their inconsistencies are a nudge to try something different for lunch? It’s been, what, five years of sweet potatoes? You’ve probably single-handedly changed the entire sweet potato market with this unrelenting consumption.

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