Cambrient Wins Toyota Automark

In what I think was a pretty spectacular fashion our sales team, led by our MD Kevin Lourens, won the business to redevelop the Toyota Automark site and rollout a comprehensive digital marketing strategy around the offering. This deal is important to us in a number of respects, but mainly in that it’s our first major “win” under our new positioning as a results-oriented digital marketing agency; and that we successfully unseated a very experienced and well-established incumbent, who are in fact part of the Above the Line agency group that has held the Toyota account for over 20 years.


We are quite definitely going to stir things up as we feel this site is hugely underperforming. We know the used car online business pretty well after our work for Barloworld Motor in recent years, so expect to see some cool stuff at in the near future.


And needless to say, our plans don’t stop there…


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