Obama for President

Last night Barack Obama formally accepted the nomination to run as the Democratic candidate for president of the USA. This has been a foregone conclusion for some time, but his acceptance speech crystallised the rather miraculous moment. America might have a black president in a few months time.


Despite being a Hilary supporter earlier in the year, I have no doubt that Obama will bring a dose of intelligence to US politics, and international awareness to his global relations, that will fundamentally change the tone of the world stage. After the miserable 8-year reign of one of the most ignorant, and foolish, men ever to hold power, everyone on the earth should breathe a sigh of relief that the most powerful nation could come under the leadership of this man.


Whatever you may say about Obama — he’s inexperienced, young, even a bit of a media invention — he has what it takes to change the world. Just being WHAT he is: a young black man not in the pockets of “big oil”.


So before South Africa gets election fever next year, we must first turn our attention to the US and say: may it be Obama come November.