Woolworths, bastards, Woolworths


Yeah, right…
My ongoing hatred for the people who manage Woolworth’s stock distribution
continues. If you can’t actually figure out how to get groceries onto the
shelves perhaps it’s best not to rent giant retail space, erect trendy
neo-industrial shelving, screed your floors till they shine like the bonnet
of a newly waxed Ferrari and invite unsuspecting consumers to depend on you
for their masticationary needs.
Today it was the turn of tinned lentils, tinned chickpeas, tinned corn —
and about 50 other products I can’t recall. Perhaps Woolworths should
consider sub-letting their shelf space to colonies of industrious rodents
who could hawk some basic necessities while Woolworths figures out how to do
so themselves. They seem very talented in packaging White Austrian Fava Bean
Salad with a Chianti and Ground Organic Sugar Vinaigrette. That they can
stock. That they can sort out.
But try and lay your hands on a packet of, I dunno, oats. Or corn. And who
knows. Maybe you’ll just have to swan on over to one of those other
retailers who have spent less on the upmarket décor and short focal length
photos of bruschetta with olive tapenade. And more on actually getting the
godforsaken groceries onto the godforsaken shelves.

5 thoughts on “Woolworths, bastards, Woolworths

  1. When the crunch hits us, I’ll fight you for the last tin of Curried Pilchards in the local Checkers.

  2. Don’t even get me started on Woolies! Anyone asked if their eggs are really really organic? The packaging reads: ‘Our chickens are fed organically grown vegetables’ – Umm so? It doesn’t say they aren’t pumped with hormones, it doesn’t say they aren’t battery chickens cooped up in tiny spaces forced to live a life of torture and pain. As with everything in Woolworths, it’s not what they say but what they DON"T say. Don’t be fooled by the organic rubbish. Do the research!…

  3. You know, this is a huge trend with Woolies hey? I wonder if they are so scared of carrying to much stock thathtey have gone off th deep end in the other direction. I have friends now that basically just refuse to shop there at all!

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