2 thoughts on “The Loeries in the 21st Century

  1. But with dozens of preset wall papers to choose from like piano, drum,
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  2. I have to agree with you about the hysteria over freedom of speech nonsense perpetrated by Mandy de Waal in DM. Also that Chris Moerdyk really should shuffle along now. No disrespect but if I hear or read another reference to him as a "marketing guru" I might be forced to poke my eyes out and burst my eardrums. I mean no disrespect but by his own CV he last worked in marketing in 1970-something. A few things have changed since then, including Lindsay Smithers (twice).However, nobody has answered the question as to why Herman was denied official status as a journalist. I fully appreciate the need to include ragmags like Heat (actually I don’t, but let me not digress), but how does the Loeries Committee exclude a trade journalist whose sole focus is media, marketing and communications? The rat still smells,

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