Approaching the Beginning of the Beginning of the End of the Project

So, it’s a been a while. That’s partly due to a lot of stuff going on in life in general, but also because this project is both startling in how frequently thing change; and also frustrating in how the end keeps being just out of view.

Ok so here are a few recent pics of the house as it is now looking. A number of major items are still outstanding: flooring, cabinetry, fireplace, and finalisations of almost everything from painting, to polishing the concrete steps to fixes fixes fixes. And, of course, the kitchen which is currently non-existent.

I will also say that the financial side of things has gone from slightly worrying to borderline apocalyptic. Which doesn’t mean we’re facing bankruptcy but it does mean that costs keep pouring in: unplanned, unexpected and way, way more than what we were quoted.

The pool with a view onto the new (giant) window in front of the kitchen
Similar view – to the right of the big window is the new passageway to the new section
The new section, finally with all its glass installed. Bedroom is downstairs
A view of the new bathroom, with engineered wood floors and the amazing new bathtub in position
The view from the new master bedroom into the garden. This was, ultimately, where we started – wanting a bedroom in the garden
A view from upstairs. This has a lovely view, particularly at sunset. Clear view balustrade is now in place
Finally, a view onto the new pool area with lovely new concrete tiles and some of the new library and reception area

So, that’s more or less where we are. A lot has happened – a lot of money has changed hands, more of both to come.

Most popular question: when?

We think another month.

We could be wrong.


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