I am the Managing Director of Native, one of South Africa’s leading digitally focused ad agencies.

I am also the 2013 Chair of the DMMA and I sit on the Loeries Committee.

I founded one of SA’s first web companies in 1995, and thereafter founded and was one of the directors of VWV Interactive until 2000. After that I founded Cambrient which merged to form NATIVE in 2010.

Other things I’m involved with:

I have been a fairly regular blogger in the past although my current commitments make me an irregular blogger.

I am an (as yet unpublished) novelist.

Digital Industry…
I was on The Bookmarks organising committee for 2010/2011/2012, helping to define the awards structure and process, as well as overseeing the development of the judging system.
I also sit on the Loeries Committee.

I am the commissioning editor of now defunct Digital Edge Podcast, a Gold Bookmark winner. It has however transmorphed into the wildly awesome Digital Edge Live show which has played to sold-out audiences for the past three years.

I have been around long enough to be considered an old Internet hack, but regardless am still figuring stuff out.

Follow me on Twitter: @jarredcinman
Visit Native at http://www.native.co.za

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I am glad there is article like this. It cannot be more true. I guess you get a lot of hater here saying how bad it is to have nothing to believe, especially GOD. They are just missing the point the believe is one thing, and it doesn’t make that thing ‘ exist’. Wile we says it is bad to separate people because of their race, we are supporting religious , which is separating us even more. The world would be so much better if we live with no religious. Unfortunately people are too scare to live with no hope that there there is God over their head to save them. They need God to help them carry on, for fear of being punish after life etc. , or just simply belong in community . It is really a hard place to live for none believer like me.
    Thank you for writing this eye opening article

  2. It’s not God who brings all the misery, it’s the freedom of living without Him. It’s the idea that we’re animals. It’s from the perception that He doesn’t exist. God doesn’t need man to proof His existence. Evidence of his existence is ALL OVER.Do I need to mention that?Do you need to see something to believe it?Unless you have “see” electricity, except for its power ,THEN O WILL STOP BELIEVING WHAT I cannot see! As much as light or heat is evidence of the existence of electricity, so is fauna and flora and all elements proof of this INVISIBLE FORCE called God- the father of Jesus!
    Ps.I hope you still “exist”!
    Regards Albert Mohlamonyane

  3. Just in case you ever read my comment.
    I will add that I’m sorry my tone couldn’t be better.
    I’m honestly tired of so much controversy about God in this world.
    But it’s unfortunately part of the reality of things right now.
    And knowing the truth, it’s hard for me to respond well to people continuing to vent their frustration about God in ways that would inspire hate and violence, rather than understanding.

    “A life without religion and without God thus offers freedom from all of these miseries. It offers a person the opportunity to do what they like, in line with their own moral code, within the parameters of the society in which they live. Each decision to be taken is evaluated on its own merits, weighing up the pros and cons, and is not forced down a path by a pre-existing code of conduct dating from a time of ignorance and superstition.”

    The part about the opportunity to do what we like, in line with our own moral code, then followed by “within the parameters of the society in which they live”…

    Sounds nice to you I guess, but that’s your own belief system isn’t it?
    If my own moral code is to ignore the parameters of the society I live in, it’s not going to stop me from doing something horrible just because you think non-belief inspires people to not commit violence.
    People hate each other and do horrible things against each other all the time and it has nothing to do with religion.
    I wonder how you think more people will be inspired to love one another selflessly, by telling them they’re nothing but a random speck, evolved pond scum that only has value according to their own imagination…..And how will you inspire the random specks who want their own happiness before they die that they should care about the suffering of others, when it gives them luxury and happiness for their temporary existence before they die.. hmm?
    Even with belief in God in the world, with both accountability and the promise of restored life, many people still live with such an awful mentality about their follow humans, whether knowingly or their chosen ignorance….Because as God says, many choose darkness over light.

  4. In response to : https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/opinionista/2015-02-26-the-five-best-reasons-not-to-believe-in-god/

    I wanted to say I’m sorry you felt so inspired to write something so horrible. The hypocrisy is ridiculous and dangerous.

    “Most religions, at best, have some kernels of morality that come with a lot of baggage that make people do appalling things.”

    Then you follow with saying “So I’m going to be upfront: my hope and goal is that the belief in God, and the religions that underpin it, are wiped from the face the earth. I think they are pernicious, facile and malevolent, and I think the world would be a better place without them. If I can make any contribution to this, no matter how small, I consider that worthwhile.”

    Then I guess you applaud the killings of countless people of faith? And your violent words are obviously not baggage that encourages people do appalling things, right?

    You can say you have your kernal of morality too, yet you spew hate and vicious attacks that could inspire any number of people to stew in their own ignorance and brew up their own concocted ideas of what their ” worthwhile contribution” might be too.

    And will you try to defend your belief and say that wasn’t your intention, and it’s only how someone might have interpreted your words that inspired them do something awful? You have no responsibility, eh?

    Beyond this, your understanding of the bible looks to be superficial at best, and you concluded many things based on your own opinions and feelings rather than facts. How you were published only supports that reality that there are more unstudied people who want to gripe about God and shake their fist than actually understand the reality of things and pat each other on the back for it as if they did something good. You don’t need to whine that you think God is not good, if you first begin with saying there isn’t an evidence. Instead you’re just very deluded to think you’re going to save the world from belief in God if you do so. But your very life that you think would be better without God, is thanks to God, and you’ve latched onto many false ideas that somehow give you comfort. I hope you’ll resolve those issues.

    Yes, we suffer horrific things, but I don’t think it’s for the sake of doing charity, but it’s a testimony of what sin does. People who care are going to do charity either way. You don’t need something bad to happen in order to do something good for someone else. But there are even times people are too selfish to do something until it becomes an emergency situation. We have a limited time to wake up to the truth during this fallen time.
    People sit in judgement of God and his love, but they continue to live in ignorance to the suffering around them. Even technology we use is at the expense of others who work in slave trade, but do most people do anything about it? Do they treat those people as their brothers and sisters? No… Maybe it makes it easier to live selfishly if we point at God and say he’s too selfish to care, so we should life selfishly before we die, get some happiness before a random speck of life ends?
    But that is living in ignorance to reality of things, the greater picture of why things are this way.

    This time we have is temporary, the suffering along with it. But eternity is not temporary.
    Hell is not eternal torment, as even hell itself will be destroyed in the lake of fire. It is the consequence of our love of sin which leads us to an eternal death. Never to be undone. God says the lost perish, burn, will be as ash, consumed away…. If you understood spiritual truth, asking for revelation from God, you would know the difference between symbolic language or literal language.
    You would know God himself speaks against the false prophets and teachers….
    There will be a new heaven and new Earth.
    I can’t judge what will happen to those who never heard the gospel, but for those who have and mocked it rather than learn the truth, I can’t say what God will decide.
    There is plenty of evidence for God, enough probability to side with the path that leads to life rather than death just because some little men who don’t even live 100 years try to make theories about life.
    But you can be blinded from it in all your negativity and assumptions, if that is what you decide you want more than the truth.

  5. Don’t forget J.J Abrams……you cannot hate LOST, Cuse and Lindelof without him.
    They all 3 share a brain it seems.

  6. Sow a thought and you reap an aciotn; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.Emerson, Ralph WaldoBRAVO to The Lebanon Fire & Rescue.Thank you for being our hero’s, through thick & thin.Please know that You are Loved, Respected, and Prayed for Daily. God Bless One and All.

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